When there is a power cut then we are going to find our power banks. But many of us don’t have power banks and find alternative ways to charge the phone. Because the phone is our best friend and in an emergency, we need to have a charge in our phone to call people.

If you are looking for a Power bank alternative then this is a guide for you.

Power Bank Alternatives to Charge Your Phone

1. Use Camp Stove:

You may be surprised like me before seeing this product. There is a wood-fired camp stove that generates electricity. You can use the USB port to charge your phone. BioLite CampStove 2+ which is a very useful product. It requires twigs or pellets to fire and run. This product generates electricity and you can also charge your phone from a 3200 mAh battery. You can also use this product for cooking purposes. You can make hot water, tea or coffee by using this little product.

2. Using D-Cell batteries:

You can use D-cell batteries to charge your phone. Connecting the D-cell batteries’ positive and negative terminals in a series connection. The diagram of the connection is shown below image.

You can connect the charger to the free terminal at the end to get power. This is an effective method to charge your phone. You can also use rechargeable batteries. So, that you can charge and use it again and again.

3. Hand-Crank Charger:

This is another method to charge your phone. But make sure to use it for emergency purposes only. Because it is not an effective method. Many of us go camping or hunting, that time if we don’t have a power bank, then only you can use this method. 10 minutes of turning a crank will help you to make one call. But in an emergency situation, it is most effective.

4. Solar Panels:

Solar Panels & power banks are different. You can use solar panels to charge your phone. This is the best and easy way. All you need to do is invest in a good solar panel power bank. You can try Hiluckey Outdoor solar panel power bank which is used by many outdoor activists. It also provides fast charging support and you can use solar energy to charge the phone.

5. Use Other power sources:

If there is no power but your laptop is fully charged then use a USB cable to plug your phone and charge it. You can also try Car as your mobile charging point. Make sure to turn on the car engine and plug the USB in the port and connect it to your mobile. Why we need to turn on the car is because of safety. But if your car is in new condition and the battery is full, then you no need to turn the engine on.

These are the top 5 power bank alternatives. I hope you like this article. Stay tuned for more Power banks updates.

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